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About Las Vegas Balloon Rides

Flying for 40+ Years!

Las Vegas Balloon Rides has been flying in the area for 40+ years and has flown thousands and thousands of customers from all around the world. Our pilot's have competed in the national ballooning championships, have won competitions around the country and have gained thousands of hours flying experience.

Perfect Safety Record

With our thousands of hours flying experience, Las Vegas Balloon Rides is the only balloon ride operator in the Las Vegas area that has a 100% perfect safety record. Our team's number one focus has always been safety and always will be.

Highly Maintained Equipment 

All of our equipment is highly maintained, from our chase vans to our balloons, everything is maintained and inspected regularly. All of our balloons are inspected at least every 100 flight hours. 

Dedicated Team

Our staff, crew and pilots are very dedicated to our customers. We have always focused on ensuring all of our guest are happy guest. Our Chief pilot and founder, Doug Campbell Sr. has always been a people person and is great at sharing all of his balloon stories (and jokes too!) 

We take pride in being the leading balloon ride operator in Las Vegas and cant wait to fly with you soon! 

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